PSI: Assuring Quality and Safety in Construction

Construction projects, whether they involve civil infrastructure or commercial developments, are intricate endeavors that require meticulous planning, precise execution, and a strong commitment to safety and quality. In the United States, one company stands out as a leader in providing assurance, testing, and inspection services in the construction industry: Professional Service Industries, Inc., commonly known as Intertek-PSI.

Intertek-PSI: A Trusted Partner in Construction

Professional Service Industries, Inc. (Intertek-PSI) is a renowned US-based provider of construction assurance, testing, and inspection services that play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of construction projects nationwide. With a broad service offering, Intertek-PSI has established itself as a trusted partner for those seeking to maintain the highest civil and commercial construction standards.

Service Offering

Intertek-PSI’s array of services encompasses various critical aspects of construction, including:

Construction Materials Testing: Ensuring construction materials meet specified standards and perform as expected is crucial for project durability and safety.

Geotechnical Services: Understanding a construction site’s geological and soil conditions is essential for the design and stability of structures.

Environmental Engineering: Addressing environmental concerns and compliance is vital in today’s construction industry, and Intertek-PSI offers services such as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).

Industrial Hygiene: Protecting workers and the environment from hazardous substances is a top priority in construction, and Intertek-PSI provides expertise in industrial hygiene.

Speciality Testing and Engineering: Intertek-PSI offers tailored testing and engineering solutions for unique or specialized construction requirements.

National Network

Intertek-PSI’s reach extends far and wide across the United States through its national network of offices and laboratories. This expansive presence allows the company to efficiently serve various clients and projects, regardless of their size or complexity. Intertek-PSI successfully manages over 30,000 projects annually, demonstrating its capability to handle a wide variety of construction needs.

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Impressive Track Record

Intertek-PSI’s track record is nothing short of impressive. The company conducts over 600,000 concrete cylinder tests annually and issues over 580,000 reports, demonstrating its commitment to delivering timely and accurate results. Additionally, Intertek-PSI has performed over 2 million individual tests, solidifying its reputation as a reliable partner for quality and safety assurance in construction.

PSI: A Holistic Approach

Intertek-PSI is part of Intertek’s Building and Construction business, which offers a comprehensive Assurance, Testing, Inspection, and Certification (ATIC) portfolio. This portfolio covers every stage of the construction project lifecycle, from initial permitting to demolition. By aligning its services with Intertek’s broader capabilities, Intertek-PSI ensures clients can access a holistic and integrated suite of services to meet all their construction needs.


Ensuring quality, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards is paramount in the construction world. Professional Service Industries, Inc. (Intertek-PSI) has established itself as a leader in the field, offering a wide range of assurance, testing, and inspection services. Intertek-PSI plays a crucial role in successful construction projects throughout the United States with its national network, impressive track record, and commitment to excellence. Whether it’s geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, or materials testing, Intertek-PSI’s expertise is indispensable in maintaining the highest standards in construction. Together with Intertek’s Building and Construction business, they offer a complete portfolio to support the entire construction project lifecycle, making them an invaluable partner in the industry.

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