Benefits Of Steel Estimating

Steel estimating is an important process for construction projects that involve steel structures and components. Accurate steel estimating allows construction companies to submit competitive bids and helps ensure projects are completed on budget. This blog will discuss 10 key benefits of utilizing professional steel estimating services.

1.Reduced Risk of Cost Overruns

One of the biggest risks on any construction project is going over budget due to inaccurate cost estimates. Professional steel estimators have extensive experience analyzing blueprints and taking off steel quantities. Their expertise helps minimize errors and omissions that could lead to costly change orders down the road. Relying on a professional steel estimating service reduces the risk of cost overruns that can damage profit margins.

Professional estimators also have in-depth knowledge of material pricing and market trends. They stay on top of fluctuations in steel prices and availability that an in-house estimator may not be aware of. This helps the estimator build contingencies into their estimates to account for potential price increases before the project starts. Overall, professional steel estimating services help construction companies bid with confidence, knowing the risk of costly surprises has been significantly reduced.

2.Access to Industry Expertise and Resources 

Construction companies that rely on in-house estimators have limited time and resources for steel take-offs and estimating. Professional estimators, on the other hand, have steel estimating as their dedicated focus. They leverage specialized industry expertise, reference materials, databases and steel fabrication shop connections that most general contractors do not have access to internally.

This industry-specific expertise and robust resource network allows professional estimators to provide more accurate and comprehensive estimates. They can account for subtle design details, connection requirements, specialty materials needs and value engineering options that general contractors may overlook. Their familiarity with steel suppliers, fabricators and erectors also helps identify potential partners and subcontractors for the project.

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3.Consistency and Standardization 

In-house estimators handling steel work as a side job may apply inconsistent processes and methodologies on different projects. Professional steel estimating services standardize their approach with customized templates, reference materials and quality control procedures. This consistency ensures all projects receive the same high level of accuracy and attention to detail.

Standard worksheets and estimating software systems also allow professional services to easily track historical data on past projects. This historical data provides valuable insights into areas like labor productivity, material yields and market pricing trends over time. The standardized processes and centralized databases used by professional estimators promote consistency that general contractors cannot achieve relying on different in-house staff for each project.

4.Time Savings for General Contractors

For general contractors focused on other construction responsibilities, taking off steel quantities and developing estimates can be a time-consuming distraction. Professional steel estimating services specialize in this work, allowing general contractors to outsource the estimating process.

This frees up their in-house staff to concentrate on other critical project responsibilities like scheduling, purchasing, site supervision and client management. It also means estimates can be completed more quickly since professional estimators work on this full-time. The time savings benefit allows general contractors to bid more projects each year without overburdening their existing staff.

5.Value Engineering Expertise 

Professional steel estimators have extensive experience analyzing designs for potential value improvements. Their industry knowledge allows them to identify opportunities to reduce material and labor cost of building a steel homewithout compromising quality or schedule through value engineering.

For example, they may recommend standardizing member sizes, simplifying connections or substituting materials. These value engineering suggestions help lower project costs without redesigning the entire structure. General contractors benefit from this expertise that comes from the estimators reviewing hundreds of projects each year.

6.Bid Preparation Support 

In addition to developing the core steel estimate, professional estimating services can provide general contractors with additional bid preparation assistance. This includes assembling complete bid packages with all required forms, bonds and submittal documents.

They may also help respond to requests for information from architects, answer technical questions during the bidding process and assist with bid analysis to ensure the contractor fully understands their costs. This comprehensive bid support service streamlines the bidding process for general contractors and construction managers.

7.Subcontractor Sourcing and Negotiation 

Professional estimators leverage their industry relationships to source and pre-qualify capable steel fabricators, erectors and other subcontractors for projects. They can negotiate competitive pricing with these subcontractors on behalf of the general contractor.

This upfront subcontractor sourcing and negotiation helps lower the steel budget and ensures qualified partners are in place when construction begins. It also relieves the general contractor’s staff from having to search for and negotiate with multiple subcontractors during the busy construction phase.

8.Ongoing Project Support  

Many professional steel estimating services do not stop their involvement after the bid phase. They can provide ongoing support throughout the construction process to help projects stay on budget.

This includes assisting with submittal reviews, responding to RFIs, reviewing change orders and recommending alternatives to scope changes that impact the steel budget. Their expertise as part of the project team helps address issues proactively before they drive up costs. This level of support further reduces risks for general contractors and construction managers.

9.Regulatory Compliance Guidance 

Staying on top of constantly evolving building codes, safety regulations and industry standards is a challenge even for experienced general contractors. Professional steel estimators specialize in regulatory compliance aspects related to steel construction.

They can advise contractors on code requirements during the estimating phase and provide guidance on compliance documentation needed for plan approval and inspections. This regulatory expertise helps contractors avoid costly mistakes, delays or penalties due to non-compliance issues down the road.

10.Improved Client Relationships 

Accurate and responsive estimating supported by industry expertise helps general contractors and construction managers submit the most competitive bids for projects. It also gives them confidence to take on more challenging steel projects.

As a result, professional steel estimating services allow contractors to strengthen their reputation for quality work and on-time/on-budget project delivery. This enhances their ability to win more work from existing clients and forge new relationships, driving more business and revenue opportunities over the long run.


Professional quantity takeoff constructionprovide a wide range of benefits that reduce risks and improve profitability for general contractors and construction companies. Outsourcing this specialized work to an experienced cost estimator like Remote Estimation allows contractors to focus on their core responsibilities while still submitting bids backed by industry-leading expertise. Relying on Remote Estimation’s professional steel estimating services maximizes opportunities for successful project delivery and continued business growth.

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