The Top 5 Solutions for the [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] Error in Outlook

Are you struggling with the [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] error in Outlook? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This annoying error can cause frustration and disrupt your workflow. But fear not! In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 solutions to help fix this pesky error once and for all. From easy fixes like restarting your computer to more complex solutions like repairing your PST file, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started on resolving this frustrating issue together!

Solution 1: Restart your computer

Solution 1: Restart your computer

One of the simplest solutions to fix the [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] error in Outlook is to restart your computer. Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve any minor glitch or software issue that may be causing the error.

To restart your computer, close all running applications and save any unsaved work. Then click on the Start button and select “Restart” from the options menu. Alternatively, you can press and hold down the power button until your device switches off completely, then switch it back on again after a few seconds.

Once your computer has restarted, open Outlook again and check if the error persists. If it does, move on to trying other solutions like clearing out cache or repairing PST files.

Restarting your system could also help in improving its overall performance by freeing up memory space used by unnecessary background processes or programs that are no longer being used regularly.

Solution 2: Clear the Outlook cache

Solution 2: Clear the Outlook cache

If restarting your computer didn’t solve the [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] error, then clearing the Outlook cache might do the trick. The cache is a temporary storage area that helps programs run faster by storing data for quick access.

However, sometimes this stored data can become corrupted or outdated, leading to errors like [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6]. To clear your Outlook cache, first close all Microsoft Office applications and open File Explorer.

Then navigate to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook and delete all files with .ost and .pst extensions. Be sure not to delete any folders. Once you’ve deleted these files, restart Outlook and see if the error has been resolved.

Clearing your Outlook cache can also improve overall performance by freeing up space on your computer. It’s recommended to clear it periodically as part of regular maintenance for optimal system performance.

Solution 3: Repair your PST file

If your Outlook continues to display the [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] error, it may be due to a corrupted PST file. The PST file contains all of your email messages, contacts, and other data in Outlook. When this file gets damaged or corrupt, you may experience issues with sending or receiving emails.

To repair your PST file, there are several methods you can try. One is using the built-in Inbox Repair Tool that comes with Outlook. This tool scans and repairs any errors in the PST file automatically.

Another method is to use third-party software specifically designed for repairing corrupt or damaged PST files. These programs often have advanced features like recovering lost emails and attachments.

Before attempting any repairs on your own, it’s important to first back up your current PST file so as not to lose any important data during the process.

Repairing a corrupted or damaged PST file could be an effective solution if none of the previous suggestions worked for fixing [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6]. However, always make sure to proceed with caution and backup your files beforehand just in case something goes wrong during the repair process.

Solution 4: Change your Outlook email settings

Solution 4: Change your Outlook email settings

If restarting your computer, clearing the cache, and repairing the PST file did not solve the [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] error in Outlook, it may be time to check your email settings.

One possible solution is to change the port number for incoming or outgoing mail. Depending on your internet service provider (ISP), they may block certain ports that can cause issues with sending or receiving emails.

To change your port numbers, go to File > Account Settings > Email tab. Double-click on your account and select More Settings. Go to Advanced tab and change the ports accordingly.

Another option is to enable authentication for outgoing mail servers. This ensures that only authorized users are able to send emails from your account and can prevent any unauthorized access that might trigger the error code.

To do this, go back into More Settings then Outgoing Server tab and check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” box. Then select “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”.

By making these changes in Outlook’s email settings you can potentially solve the [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] error message once and for all!

Solution 5: Run the Inbox Repair Tool

Solution 5: Run the Inbox Repair Tool

If all else fails and you’re still experiencing the [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] error, then it’s time to use the Inbox Repair Tool. This tool is specifically designed to fix issues with Outlook data files (PST and OST).

To run this tool, go to your Control Panel and select “Programs and Features.” Find Microsoft Office in the list of installed programs, right-click on it, and select “Change.” From there, choose “Quick Repair” or “Online Repair.”

If neither option works, then select “Advanced Options” and check the box that says “Use Inbox Repair Tool.” Click on “Repair” and wait for the repair process to finish.

The Inbox Repair Tool will scan your Outlook data files for errors and fix them automatically. Once it’s done repairing your data file(s), restart Outlook and see if the error message disappears.

Running the Inbox Repair Tool can be a great solution for fixing persistent errors like [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6]. It’s always best to try other solutions first before resorting to this one though!


The [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] error in Outlook can be quite frustrating to deal with, but it is not impossible to fix. As we have seen, there are several solutions that you can try on your own before seeking professional help.

If one solution doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. Move on to the next one until you find a solution that works. Remember to always back up your data before attempting any fixes.

Prevention is better than cure. Regularly updating your software and keeping your computer clean from viruses or malware will go a long way in preventing such errors from occurring in the future.

We hope this article has been helpful in resolving the [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] error in Outlook so that you can get back to using your email without any interruptions.

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